Sloped Top Enclosures

NEMA TYPE 4X,12,13

Water and Dust Tight Stainless Steel Sloped Top Enclosure

Ralston’s AFS and EST series enclosures are designed to provide protection indoors and outdoors, against dust, dirt, oil, and water for items such as: electronic and electrical controls, instrumentation systems, pneumatic, hydraulic and machine controls. The AFS and EST series is designed for use in such areas as dairies, breweries and the food industry where they are subject to frequent high pressure hosing and generally wet conditions (Not submersible).

All AFS and EST enclosures are made from 1.5mm #304 or #316 stainless steel. All seams are continuously welded and ground to a smooth finish. Each enclosure comes complete with grounding studs, and a removable 2.5mm (AFS) galvanized back panel mounted on M8 weld nuts, or a removable 2mm (EST) galvanized back panel mounted on M6 weld nuts.

The 130° (AFS), or 120° (EST) opening door is easily removed by pulling the removable hinge pins from the hidden hinges to allow right or left hand opening. The door is sealed with an extruded one-piece polyurethane gasket and is secured closed with chrome plated 3mm DIN type quarter turn latches.

The top of the body is equipped with a sloping roof with a slope of between 8° and 20° degrees (AFS) or 30° (EST), giving a 10mm (AFS) 20mm (EST) overhang to remove liquids away from the door opening.  The sloped top does not allow liquid pooling on the top of the enclosure, eliminating a potential dangerous situation of water dropping into the enclosure once the door is opened.

Outer body and door of the AFS and EST has a 240s pre-grained (average 0.5 micron) fine finish for less attachment of chemicals and bacteria to the enclosure surfaces. Interior mounting plate is galvanized.

The AFS and EST are built to the requirements of IP66, NEMA Type 12 for industrial use, 13 for oil and dust tight and to 4,4X for water tight and corrosion resistance.

The AFS is CE, UL and cUL for Canada and the USA.

The EST is CE, UL and cUL for Canada and the USA.


Special Orders
Custom units with special sizes and punching can be supplied on order.

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Stainless Steel Enclosures

are made for corrosive environments. If your plant subjects its enclosures to frequent high pressure

hosing or generally wet conditions, stainless steel

is for you. Water and dust

tight covers and its corrosive resistant nature guarantees

the protection you’re looking for.

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